Shiloh – The Prophecy of Moses & the timing of Messiah’s Coming

Jews do not realize that Moses told us the exact time the Messiah would arrive. And this timing is also in line with Daniel 9’s timing for the Messiah’s coming.


Today Jews will try to change this verse, so that it’s no longer about the timing of Messiah’s coming, because it is a shame to them THAT IT FAILED (ACCORDING TO THEM).
However this quote from the Rabbis in the Talmud, make the understanding of this prophesy very clear, it was about the TIMING OF THE COMING OF MESSIAH and when he failed to come, they were shocked.

You see this Moses prophecy states, that Messiah must come before the sceptre departs from Judah, this happened in 6 AD


So instead of believing Moses and accepting the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus who was right there in the days the sceptre departed, Jews today have ignorantly rejected Moses and called him a false prophet, whose prophesies fail.

But there is more to the timing of Messiah’s coming than just Moses, other prophets also give us clues.


Yes Messiah did come, they blessed him from the House of the Lord, as in Psalm 118:26, his presence made the glory of the Second Temple greater then the first, as in Haggai 2:9, and he was YHVH, the angel/messenger of the covenant, whom they are seeking…who came to his Temple, while it was standing, as in Malachi 3:1.

And while these modern Jews will swear up and down, that Daniel 9 is not about the coming of Messiah, their own Rabbis say it is.

Jews will say that the 70 weeks finished +-2000 years ago. Ok but there is a problem then. Because there was set of things which had to be fulfilled within those 70 weeks…

If 70 weeks is finished as the Jews say, then everlasting righteousness should have come WITHIN THE 70 WEEKS. As we saw above the Rabbis  interpreted every part of this verse to be about the Messiah, including the part about everlasting righteousness.


So if Messiah is our everlasting righteousness, then where is he? Because 70 weeks ended 2000 years ago. Only Messiah can establish everlasting righteousness, this is why prophet Jeremiah calls him, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS (in Jeremiah 23:6)

As of yet, no Jew has yet been able to show me this missing Everlasting Righteousness which should have come 2000 years ago. a.k.a The Messiah.





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