The Trinity in the Tanakh / Old Testament


This verse is unmistakable…. There is a person called “ME” in this verse (above) and this “ME” person, says he created the earth.

But this “ME” person also says, GOD HAS SENT HIM

So unless God is a Compound unity/Trinity this verse does not make sense in Judaism, because God is clearly SENDING GOD.

The Living Word who acts as a mediator is not a new concept to Judaism, its just an ancient one, as we see below.


In fact the idea that the Word/Memra, would become flesh/Messiah, is even found in Judaism itself, which should surprise many jews.


So if ancient Rabbis can believe that Messiah is the WORD OF GOD in flesh, then it is not a pagan concept at all, but a Jewish concept.

And neither is it degrading for God’s Spirit to indwell flesh as some Jews claim, for God’s Spirit has sort to inhabit the flesh of men, and we see this throughout the Tanakh/Old Testament.

The Prophet David speaks about God anointing another being, who is ALSO GOD, and the meaning of “Anointed one” in Hebrew is Messiah, so we clearly see David calling the Messiah “God.”

they god



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