Muhammad – A False Prophet with a Disease



A disease which is accompanied by Hallucinations (False Visions)

If Mohammed had lived in this modern age, no one would have followed him, because his visions and voices would have been recognized as the result of his disease.

The preserved footprints of Prophet Mohammed showed acromegaly. What does it all mean? Well it means that the Prophet of Islam was suffering from Somatotroph adenoma and/or Growth Hormone excess. He was not a normal man but was suffering from a serious illness. Signs of this serious illness include:

– Widely spaced teeth
– Enlarged feet
– Enlarged hands
– Hallucinations and Psychotic Symptoms [see 1: below]
– Decreased Sex Drive and Erectile Dysfunction [see 2: below]
– Headache
– Hoarseness
– Excessive sweating with strong odour
– Epilepsy
– Widened fingers or toes due to skin overgrowth with swelling, redness, and pain
– Arthritis and other joint problems particularly of the hips, knees and temporomandibular joint of the jaw

– plus many other symptoms.


– Head:
“Large but symmetrical.”- (Hind bin Abi Hala)
“had a large head” (dakhm al-ra’s)

– Face:
“His face was round like the moon.” – (Bara bin Azib)
“His face was not quite round but inclined to roundness.” – (Hazrat Ali(R.A))

– Eyes:
“Red lines in the white parts, wide sockets.” – (Jabir bin Samra)

– Nose:
“it looked large at first sight.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala)

– Color:
“White, reddish.” – (Hazrath Ali(R.A))

– Mouth:
“Wide.” – (Jabir bin Samra)

– Teeth:
“Thin and bright, symmetrical, openings in front teeth.” – (Hazrath Ibn Abbas)

– Epilepsy
After an accession of shivering and shutting his eyes, there used to come over him what resembled a swoon, his face would foam, and he would roar like a young camel (C.G. Pfander, The Mizan-Ul-Haqq (Balance of Truth), pp. 345-346; online edition; bold and capital emphasis ours)

– Skin Growths:
(A description of a large growth) It was an area of raised skin the size of a pigeon’s egg, between the shoulders of the Prophet. It was surrounded by moles and on it were some hairs. (Saheeh Sunnah.)

– Excessive sweat with strong odour:
(Muslims) would collect the sweat of the Holy Prophet and use it as a fragrance. – (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 2, Pg No: 257, Zujajatul Masabeeh, Vol. 5, Pg No: 32/33).

– Enlarged Arms and Hands :
“Wrists large, palms wide and fingers symmetrically large.” (Hind bin Abi Hala)

– General Structure:
“Body well built, bones joining limbs large and strong.”- (Hind bin Abi Hala)
“Width between shoulders more than usual.” – (Hind bin Abi Hala and Bara bin Azib)
“Portion between shoulders fleshy.” – (Hazrath Ali)

Mohammed did not receive any revelation from GOD but was merely an ill man with a brain tumor. His frequent marriages and need for sex were caused by his awful Sex Drive and his repeated attempts to downplay this bad sex drive by pretending to sleep with so many women.


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